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Dave appears seemingly out of nowhere signs of tears on his face and he full on runs and very nearly tackles Zack as he latches onto him, shaking.




Zack was coming outta the kitchen, staring at his phone with a pinched expression when he suddenly realized Dave was there. “Dave!” He tossed his phone on the couch and catches the younger blond, holding him tightly.

Dave relaxes a little, sniffling as he rests his head against Zack’s chest, listening to his heart beating. He closes his eyes and his grip lessens a little and he looks…just worn out. He seems to be on the verge of just falling asleep while holding onto Zack.

Zack smiles softly and runs his hand over the back of Dave’s head as he leans against him goes almost limp. The older one relaxed his wings and lets them fold against his back as he stoops down to pick Dave up and carry him into their room. He does what he can with one hand, throwing together pillows and pulling shits and blankets into a circular structure as Dave clings to him.

Dave sighs softly, half asleep as he clings a little tighter at being moved. He snuggles against him and yawns. “Mmm…safe?” He blinks blearily up at Zack, still mostly asleep but checking to make sure he’s okay even though his instincts say that he is.





just so we’re clear, i use








as gender-neutral and affectionate names

don’t forget son

What am I forgetting dad


You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me.

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Dave? Dave, wake up. C'mon kid, wake up! Wake up, now, you're safe, you're okay.




Dave sobs brokenly, limbs lashing out as he tries to break free of the grip Gilbert has on him. The weather outside seems to cycle through the harshest weather patterns, thunder snapping through the air and lightning cracking across the sky as the wind shakes the windows. He lets out a high pitched keening noise, face contorted in fear. 


Dave blinks blearily up at Gilbert and snuggles closer to his friend, tucking closer to him like a child. His hand darts down again to check his legs and he’s not being subtle about how he checks to make sure that he still has knees and actual limbs instead of an alternative. 

"…Lost m’self after that. Hurt so bad. I didn’ know it would hurt. I knew what I could do but I didn’ know it would hurt so much…" He trails off quietly and he blinks up at Gilbert silently for a few moments.

'…This is gonna sound stupid. But…c'n y'tell me a happy story or something?” The request is mumbled, and almost fearful of rejection. 


What else could he say? Gil wanted to ask why Dave felt the need to check his legs but now probably wasn’t the best time. And he really didn’t want to break that childish expression currently on Dave’s face.

"A story, huh? My story telling skills are a little rusty but I’ll see what I can come up with."

That erased the Grimms tales as an option immediately; far too violent for an already spooked mind. And as much as Gil loved the Disney rewrites, they were too sweet for the situation. Something new then… damn, when was the last time he’d told a story?

"In a far away land, there was this kingdom that had won a great and terrible war. A barbarian king had allied himself with an exiled baroness and attacked the kingdom and though the people were scared, their rulers had stepped up. The Seer had seen the attack coming weeks before it happened and was able to alert the Witch who made sure all innocents were packed and ready to move to a safe place quickly, the Knight who trained and prepared the armies to defend the king and the Heir who ran the kingdom and was the voice for the people.

Though the kingdom was now safe and prosperous, there was trouble in the court. The Knight hadn’t been listening, he’d been distant and become a hermit and kept insisting that outside wasn’t safe. His friends in the court tried to reassure him but they had their own fears and jobs to deal with. They wanted to help the Knight but they just didn’t have the time and it was impossible to make time. It seemed the Knight would forever be a recluse and afraid until one day, a traveler came.

This traveler had heard about the war having been in many himself and knew what fighting on the front line could do to a man. He demanded to see the Knight when he heard how reclusive he’d become and stormed up to his room and held him close like a father would hold a son. The traveler had nothing to take his attention and he was able to do what the Seer and Witch and Heir hadn’t been able to do; he listened. He listened to the Knight’s fears and memories and nightmares. He listened to the Knight whenever he wanted to talk and was slowly able to draw him out of his room and then the castle. He was able to remind the Knight what it was like to walk through the market and feel safe, to talk to people and not see the faces of dead comrades and he got the Knight to smile again. The traveler taught the rest of the court to listen. They could listen to their people very well but couldn’t listen to each other as well.

There were a lot of pointless fights at first with the traveler playing peace keeper but eventually, the court learned to listen to each other and talk and take the time to be friends. The traveler went home and the court was able to smile and lead effectively as a four now that they knew how to listen to each other. The kingdom grew and prospered, making alliances with lands they had been too scared to talk to. The court was happy, the people was happy and everything was wonderful.”

There was no need to say ‘the end’… he figured Dave would know. If he hadn’t fallen asleep halfway through.

Dave is resting completely against gilbert now, a fist curled losely into his friend’s shirt and soft babyish snores lilt into the air and he hums softly. He snuggles closer automatically and mumbles something about knights and homes. He has a soft childish smile on his face. 

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*sends in a cake with CONGRATS ON THE FRICK written on it*


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He was exhausted... no, exhausted wasn't the word... He was freaking sleep deprived! The hot heat of the over head sun made him flinch away,scarlet eyes flinching away from the light, which exposed his bags even further. He slipped his headphones in, switching the artists to Set it Off and just letting it explode in his ear canal. He closed his eyes, listening to the music, until he bumped into someone, "Hey, watch it fuckass!" He growled. [dysfunctional-blood]





Dave grimaces as he saunters down the sidewalk, well and damned ready to get inside to the fucking airconditioning. Goddamn Texan heat. Evil sun and fucking summer. He steps out of the way of a jogger, knocking into someone and his mouth opens automatically to apologize before the insult registers and his brain to mouth filter fails him in his surprise.



Karkat attempted to fight it off further, but it remained useless. He felt warmth engulf him and he gripped the blanket, nuzzling slightly into it with a sigh.

Dave settles on the floor in a corner, dropping his chin down onto one of his knees, humming lazily as he starts to doze as well. 

Karkat muttered something intelligeble in his sleep, his face scrunching up slightly, “….cancer…universe….frog….” he moved slightly again and attempted to cocoon himself in the covers.

Dave cracks open an eye and frowns softly as he rocks himself up onto his feet, a hand steadying himself against the wall. He walks over to Karkat quietly and sits down next to the couch, hand moving back up to pet at his hair as he shushes him softly as he would a younger brother. “Hey…hey.. easy there.” 



Dave can’t keep his lower lip from trembling and he curls in on himself a little. “You’ve alr’dy got yer own Dave. M jus’ an extra. I’ll…i’ll be okay… I don’.. I don’ wan’ this universe’s dave t’feel out of place or or…r-replaced.” He chokes out and pulls further away, standing up shakily, set on bolting. “….M’sorry.”


Aw hell no. A firm arm snakes around Dave’s waist and yanks him back onto the bench. “Sit yer ass down, kiddo,” Bro says in his parental do-as-I-say-or-you-will-be-strifed-til-you-can’t-walk voice. “You ain’t a replacement. I don’t care who you’re an alternate of, you are your own goddamn person and that’s exactly who I’m givin’ a shit about. Not because you look like Davey, but because we’re fuckin’ family through all this universe bullshit and I ain’t gonna let you isolate and destroy yourself.”


Dave stiffens and he trembles violently, folding in on himself trying to fight down tears. “I…I. Idon’wannagethurtagain… please…” His voice cracks and he hides his face behind his knees, shaking hard. He wraps his arms around his knees and turns into a tiny little ball of pain and fear of getting attached.

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Dave slides over rapidly and his hands go to the wound and he swallows thickly, fighting off old bitter memories from the blood and the shades. “…Id explain what I’m doin’ but quite frankly I don’t think you have the time for that since you were an idiot.” He mutters and a floating gear turntable appears out of nowhere and he spins it with a flick of his fingers and accelerates the healing rate of the wound until it’s just a scar. 

"…you can ask questions now that you aren’t bleedin’ the fuck out. Id say sorry for not askin for consent t’heal you but…I’m not sorry."

He gets grumpy when people get hurt too badly and he is definitely not pouting or sulking nope nope.


His eyes widened as Dave suddenly came over him,and then even more so when the disc came out. He winced and growled as the wound healed itself, looking down at it and sitting up, holding his side in utter shock and disbelief. “What did you… H-how…?” he gasped, bringing his hand up to his face and slowly closing it. “Alright… You wanna explain what that disc just did? How in gods name do you have that ability?”


Dave scratches at some of the dried blood on his chest absentmindedly. “I wasn’t kidding when I said that I had the power to do shit that could fuck things up, Dirk.” He murmurs, sounding older than he should. “There’s something that destroys everything no matter what… Time. M’surprised you didn’ have questions about how many scars I got actually. You’re the first t’not freak out at how fucked up my skin is.” He was more than a little grateful for that. “I was human once I guess… I don’t really know if I count as human anymore…” 

He frowns and shakes his head as if to clear out his distractions. “So..uh. I kinda just increased the healing rate on your wound until it was a scar. M’turntable just helps me focus my ability but as to how I got the ability? That’s not a pretty story.”


Make me choose: Mufasa or Scar


Cyril Rolando



30 days OTP (nsfw) challenge

9. against a wall


ahah it’s because my headcanon is that Dave is the dominant one. But thanks for the suggestion! I made John … technically top Dave in this one.